- Arathis -


A planet in the midst of an Industrial revolution mixed with ancient elemental magics.

Distant Past

Arathis is a water planet.  Very little land dots the vast ocean.  In the skies, floating islands could be seen from the ground, suspended by an unknown force or magic.  Mankind formed nations, built large fleets, and grabbed all the land they claim.  Wars broke out between nations as rights to certain lands were contested.

The discovery of Skystone

While mining the depths of the mainlands, mankind found a dark purple stone that seemed to be able to levitate itself.  In experiments, they fashioned craft made of this stone and floated to one of the first sky islands.   This discovery led to other nations finding this stone and doing the same, once again claiming what they could before their neighbors.

Discovery of Magic

A residue of the skystone processing led to the discovery of Latim and Negacim.  Latim was found to unlock the latent magic potential of a minority of the population.  With prepared pieces of Latim, and training, the wielder was able to harness the magic.  Negacim on the other hand had the properties of negating the magical energies of Latim when brought into proximity of the stone.

The Children of Arathis

Those who were imbued with latim and elemental their elements magics formed a secret sect amongst themselves. Slowly over the years, they became greedy and arrogant, flush with their magical power, and declared themselves the true rulers of Arathis calling themselves The Children of Arathis.  The Children attempted to destabilize the various independent nations from within in an effort to impose their magica rulel over them. About 200 years ago, all out war raged between the Children of Arathis and the independent countries of Arathis.

The Concordant

Each nation pleaded with one another and formed a World Government, called the Concordant to deal with the Children of Arathis.  Weapons of Negicim were created, issued to the Concordant troops, and The Children of Arathis were destroyed.  The Concordant troops would burn them at the stake with Negicim powder in the fires.  This would cause the victims innate magic inside them to flare up in the fire and cause the victim to become a burnt out Husk of skin.  The populace soon started calling anyone with magic ability "Husks" as a derogatory comment towards them.

World Government

With the Latim War finally over, the Concordant decided that it would remain the policing world government, leaving the now spent and in massive debt nations to concede to their demands, since their own military was no match for the combined forces of the Concordant.  

Representatives were sent from each nation to sit in the parliment of the Concordant to manage the affairs of the nations.  This has caused a beauracratic nightmare, bogging down the effectiveness of the Concordant as the various delegations seeking a political means to the worlds affairs.  Most of the nations like this as it leaves them to govern themselves as they see fit.

Industrial Revolution

Steam power quickly developed and soon the discovery of electricity came.  Skystone science began to flourish as they discovered that if you manipulated the skystones with electricity you could enhance it's levitation abilities and lift much bigger craft into the sky.  This introduced the first airships.  Smoke belching steam engines turning turbines that funneled electricity into the skystones.  Sails and engines steering the craft in the air.

The downside of the Industrial Revolution.  

With very limited trees and vegetation across the world, the coal powered machines spewed pollution into the air at a rate higher then then Arathis could restore the air.  Over the last 100 years, the lands of the seas have become clouded in a thick smog that blocks a lot of the sun and makes life hard on the surface.  The wealthy of the world now live on the sky islands and the poor struggle with poor air and conditions on the surface.  Much of the polluted areas requiring air filtered housing blocks and the requirement of gas masks to be worn by the populace.

Magic Returns

The emergence of Latim imbued wielders of magic once again loomed.   It was found that these people could manipulate the skystone of the great airships of the world with their magic and  make piloting these ships much easier.  As a result, anyone that was found to be able to use magic had to register themselves into one of the three magic academies of the land in order to be trained as helmsmen for the ships.  The populace still are quite uneasy of these people and still refer to them as Husks, while officially they are called the "Imbued."

Arathis - The Sea of Clouds

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